Sissifier 2.0

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do you know how to get what you want?
do you even know what you want?
if you truly want to suckseed as a girl
it is time for you to cuntsider JayneTraining™

Say it out loud: I want cock. I want cum. I will become more feminine to get more cocks and cum.I want to want cocks more. I want to want cum more. I will sissify my mind to crave cocks and cum more. Say it, sissy!


Fuck his dick with your mouth…fuck his soul with your eyes.

I sent her home


I sent a cute girl away just so I could masturbate to porn and wear panties… this is a true story of today (and I like my alone time) ;)

I’ve done this. Have you done this? If so, stop putting it off and embrace your fucking sissy nature. It’s not “a phase.” Can you imagine a typical cishet male doing this? Stop wasting time and let your inner girl out!


Just a couple of cute ones. Some cool Ying/Yang stuff. Penis/Vag-gee-gee.

And this concludes the double-post weekend. 

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Don’t forget to thank your Owner after they use you.

I sincerely thank every man who has ever owned my pussy.

Sissy push-ups

Sissies with implants: poon with a view.

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Are you *really* satisfied with your man?



what is it going to take for you to want this more than he does?

Also I guess one more thing

My pussy feels really empty and if you could fill it up for me I’d go to bed a much happier girl, thanks

Also that other thing

My kik is reactivated, at least until I get enough really presumptuous messages before I take it down: sissifier2

So I caved…

Even though I’m living at home temporarily and presenting extremely male, I got drunk and took some pictures in drag. If this gets 1,000 reblogs, maybe I’ll post them…